December 7th, 2007
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This Week, I Have Been Mostly….


Good grief, this week has flown, hasn’t it? It only felt like yesterday that I turned out for my weekly “Monday Night Football”. And now it’s Friday. Here’s what I’ve been doing this week.

entrerec.gif1. Writing Innappropriate Reccommendations On Entrecard.
I’ve fallen in love with Entrcard. It’s fabulous, and it keeps adding stuff to it. Plus, unlike a lot of other schemes, a few of the people who have advertised have left comments (hello to Ben, Shaun, Mrs. Sparrow, Beth and Alive!). I think it’s because – similar to Adicons – it far easier to be curious by a graphic rather than a text link.

Anyway, one of my favourite – and rather sad – things to do is to go around writing “Recommendations” on people’s blogs. It’s quite pointless, but hopefully if I can raise a snigger and pique their interest they’ll come and visit my blog.

However, my “Recommendations” list is quite low, with only Heavily Trafficked writing about me. Surely I’m not that bad, am I? Why not write me a cute little message? I’ll write one back (if I haven’t already)!

2. Preparing For Christmas.
I’m a stupidly organised person, and I have already finished Christmas shopping. Admittedly, I don’t actually buy Christmas presents for that many people, but what I lack in numbers I make in quality. I’ve scored, and scored big on Bon’s present, but I don’t want to share what it is. I will post it in my “Christmassy” post though. I’ve also sent out my cards, and Sonja has got hers. They’re awesome, and you have until next Friday to get yours. Click here to find out how!

Has anybody else got their Christmas card and not offended by my comments?

3. Carrying On The Room 101 Tradition
Thanks for all your comments yesterday, it was fun. I had a similar discussion at the pub last night, and combining the two, the definitive list consists of the following: Corriander, The Argos Catalog, People Who Are Really Keen At Music, Reality TV, Old People Who Drive, The Daily Mail, Nuts & Zoo, Chavs, Rubbish Bloggers, PayPerPost, Google, Digital Point Forums, Striking US Writers, People Who Drink From 10am, Sprouts, Sweetcorn and People Who Hate Sweetcorn (sorry, it was decided).

4. Writing. Lots and Lots of Writing.
Yes, I’m planning heavily for the drunken shagfest that will be Christmas 2007, so much so that I’m determined not to let this blog take over over Christmas. So much so that I’ve probably got about a week’s worth of posts written. So I could take a holiday next week and you’d all be none the wiser.

5. Fixing The Blog.
It’s a well known fact that following the great server outage of 2007, my blog was probably crippled until recently. Not so now, where I’ve restored the threaded comments and the favicons! Hurrah! And Hostgator didn’t complain.

However, in the process, I did manage to blacklist every last one of you, and myself. Sorry. It’s fixed now (it did amuse me greatly, as within about 30 seconds of fixing it, Celeste and Jem commented. It was like they were just waiting for my blog to come back online to comment!). Thanks to Bush for helping me out.

This weekend should be fun (in fact, the last few weekends have been fun), tonight I’m going to see a mate’s band, and Saturday is The Mighty Seagulls vs. Brigg, followed by a bit of a pub crawl. I’m not sure where I’m sleeping Saturday Night (heheh), but if I sleep out it’ll be the 4th Saturday this month I’ve not slept in my own bed. I’m moving out, but one day at a time!

By the way, it makes me sound like a manwhore, I’m not. Trust me.

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