December 20th, 2007
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Three Things I Want For Christmas


It’s hard to believe that in little over a week, Christmas 2007 will be over. I’m not feeling too Christmassy at the moment, probably because we haven’t broken up for Christmas yet. My Christmas shopping is done, but is yours? Here’s three things I’d love to find underneath the Christmas Tree.

1. A DVD Player
Since moving my computer downstairs, I have been without a DVD Player, using my brother’s to watch my vast collection of pornographic films. The Wii, in all it’s brilliance, doesn’t have a DVD player in it, and sometimes I just miss snuggling down with a film for a few hours. There’s nothing better for a sunday afternoon, in my opinion.

Included with this present I’d also like the entire James Bond Collection.

2. A Book on Blogging
Every year for the last two years there has been a “Blogging Digest Book”: that is a book with some of the year’s best posts within it. 2 years ago was the excellent 2005: Blogged from Tim Worstall, and last year was The Blog Digest from Chicken Yoghurt. This year, there’s nothing, not one sniff of a blogging book. It has always been my dream to get a book published, and – I’ll be honest – I saw these as an easy way to do it. However, there has been not one sniff of one this year. Shame really, as I’d have like to be in one, and then buy it for all eternity to keep.

3. Kelly Brook
What? I’m a bloke aren’t I?!


What are you hoping for Christmas?

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