…or didn’t.

I thought that after hitting 18, and getting my driving licence, the likelyhood of me being refused entry to a bar was minimal. I’m always impeccably dressed when on the town, and am generally a nice person. However, Saturday night was not the case.

We were queuing to get into this place at about 11pm. I was relatively sober, and was parching for more beer. There was a little queue, but nothing too big, when this bouncer came over and asked us a question:

“‘scuse me lads, are you all together?”


“Well we can’t let you in.”

“Why not?”

“Because there’s more than three of you. Only let groups of lads in in threes.”

Only in groups of threes? I’ve never heard that one before. Nevertheless, I countered with a true statement that hopefully would prove to the guy that we were out for a good time. A brave statement that could win any arguement.

“But we’re LOVELY!!!!

He wasn’t having any of it. We couldn’t get into the pub. It looked nice too, though. No groups of men in there.

It makes me sounds like I hated Manchester, when I really didn’t. It was good fun! We ended up in a (slightly) less pretentious place and drank plenty of Boddingtons and Hofbrau, which was the beer I drunk at Oktoberfest. I was able to reflect on the beer better there, and found out it was 6.75%. Christ no wonder I was wasted.

But the fact still remains. Why were we refused entry to a place simply because we were men? And what’s the stupidest reason you’ve ever been refused entry into a bar for?

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