December 17th, 2007
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Wasn’t Meant To Be


I’ve had an odd weekend this weekend.

For one, I was sober, and I haven’t had a night out.

And the second reason: I enjoyed it so much.

The last few weeks, I’ve been going about 150miles per hour with travelling (in the last month I’ve been Cardiff, Bangor, Manchester and Llandudno for Saturday Nights out – not sleeping in my own bed in any of those nights) and work, so it was nice to slow down for a day.

There was one bit of excitement: The Bay vs Burton game I talked about on Friday was on Saturday. We lost 2-1, but we could leave with our heads held high. We played fantastically and hopefully this spurs us on to a nice little league run to leave us around the top of the league where we belong.

Also, I purchased The Orange Box. Whilst I really wanted to play Team Fortress 2 and Portal, I can’t, my PC isn’t quite upto specs. However, I’ve been enjoying the game as well as Fortress Forever – a third party mod which is similar to the original Team Fortress. If you are a Fortress Forever player, and get completely destroyed by a pyro named Sarkie, rest assured that is me :).

I am looking to upgrade to play TF2 though. Is it worth it though?

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