topreferrers.jpgEvery so often, as to fill space, bloggers generally delve through their referrals to find wierd and wonderful phrases used to find their blog. It’s quite a common thing to do, as it can be quite amusing. The most common “funny” phrase was for a long time was “Rhys and Sarah from Hollyoaks fucking” (explanation for newer readers: Sarah was my girlfriend a while back, and during that time Hollyoaks had a storyline where there was a couple called Rhys and Sarah. I used the word “fucking” a lot at the time). Now, my biggest referral phrase from google is “Guy McGechan”. And you wonder why I’m not bothered with the page rank on Text Link Ads.

In any rate, my referral list is quite dull (the highlights from the last month are the image to the right). So I’m going to flip it on it’s head: what’s the strangest thing you’ve ever typed into Google?

We’ve all done it, through drunkenness, curiosity or a overly long story. And just to prove it, here’s what you have to beat:

Friday night, whilst pissed, I typed in: “Sexually Transmitted Diseases Beginning With The Letter I”.

What’s yours?

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