So, it’s 2008, and every year around this time there are the Bloggies, the Blogging’s world version of the Oscars. I was nominated twice, once in 2004 and once in 2005, I sucked majorly in 2006, and my chances of winning dwindled considerably in 2007 with the removal of the only category I had half a chance of winning.

Now, it seems like there’s even less chance to win it.

You see, in their infinite wisdom, they have removed the “Best UK and Ireland Blogger”, lumping the best blogging nation in the known universe in with Johnny Foreigner of Europe. “Good Grief!” I hear you say (as well as “Le Fuck!” from the French Bloggers and “Cry Mein Eich River” from the always over confident German Bloggers), Europe doesn’t stand a chance. And you’d be right. Even so, the chances of me winning are nil, and the only way I will increase them is by setting this blog as the home page of every computer ever connected to the internet.

So, as a petty minded show of defiance, I’m officially boycotting this years voting. Instead – I’m going to prove that this competition is more predictable than the Scottish Premier League Title Race – I’m going to predict who’ll be in with a shout of winning:

Those are just my picks, obviously not who I’m voting for, as I really can’t be arsed. If you feel that this blog should get the recognition it truly deserves, and want to complete a miracle akin to Jesus rising from the dead, pulling on a Colwyn Bay shirt and heading the winner against AC Milan in the final of the Champions League, you can vote for me if you want.

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