January 30th, 2008
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Bloggies 2008, So Far, So Good.


bloggies08.jpgA couple of weeks ago, I had made a number of predictions for the Bloggies – the biggest blog awards in the history of the world. I made the predictions because – quite frankly – the Bloggies is predictable.

Sure enough, I did well.

Out of the 16 predictions I made, I predicted 6 in the correct categories, two further nominations in the wrong categories, and furthermore I probably would have been more if I realised My Boyfriend is a Twat couldn’t win the “Best European Category”.

Also, the predictions made about that category has become startingly true. 3 of the blogs nominated in that category are from London. London! Just one city in the whole of Europe! How’s that?!?!? (The other two are from Paris and Rekjavik). So, forgive my BNP esque attitude, but the sooner we leave the “Best European Category” the better, as DG said in a comment:-

“So, Canada (population 33 million) gets its own category, and Australia/New Zealand (population 24 million) get their own category, whereas Britain/Ireland (population 64 million) loses out to Europe?

Yeah, I’ve lost interest too.”

Ironically, he’s one of the London blogs up for the nomination. So vote for him, vote for Problogger, vote for I Can Has Cheeseburger, and don’t vote for that Yankee Doodle Chick. All she did was lose her job blogging. Hell I can do that, just I’m not stupid enough to do so.

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