January 18th, 2008
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Corey Worthington – Party Liaison


This has been doing the rounds for about a week on social media outlets. The story about Corey Worthington – a 16 Year Old Australian – trashed their parents house whilst away for a weekend. Why has it become so big though? Well, whilst on some Australian News Network, he appeared fantastically unrepentant:

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First of all, I’ll be honest – despite being stereotypically Australian for myself – I think he’s a bit of a dickhead. The guy who if he was in the same room as me, who partied at my gaff, would be slung out on their ear.

However, something about the whole curvature of the earth and the fact that he’s over 10,000 miles away means that I have quite a soft spot for him. I dunno why, maybe because I have to endure endless property programs from my parents, maybe because in one interview he has created about 5 or 6 phrases that comedy writers would take years thinking of, or more likely the fact that – in one question (“You should take a good long look at yourself.”), he answered in such a way that showed that – even though he fucked up – he wouldn’t be bullied by tabloid media, who – in my eyes – should be the ones looking at themselves.

Also, where were the parents? I know they were on holiday. But surely you get some sort of inkling that your son is a party boy who would trash your house?

No doubt however after this viral campaign will refuse to die, will probably mean that – ooooh – in 3 or 4 weeks, I’ll be bored of him.

Finally, surely why would you name your child Corey? It’s a sure sign that you’re child will be a party rebellion, just like naming your child Damien would make them a thug, or naming a child Rhys would make them irresistable to the opposite sex.

In other news, I have my second driving lesson tomorrow! Wish me luck!

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