January 16th, 2008
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Finally – A Welsh World Champion


When I was in University, the one thing that we did a lot was play darts. Everybody says “We play pool to keep ourselves amused for cheap”. Well darts is even cheaper. Luckily our local had a very good dartsboard, and some Phil Taylor Tungsten Pathfinders with some welsh flights for Christmas, and we were all set to step up to the oche.

We got addicted, and we played for hours. One of the things I do miss is the fact that even before leaving work or university, I’d get a text message saying “We’re in the Vernon, want to throw some arrows?” from Mike, Zandr or Guy. We rarely drunk alcohol, as we were poor, usually sticking to orange cordial. We got quite good, usually only taking 3 or 4 darts on a double, and scoring usually “Above 40″. We wondered how good we could actually be if we continued.

Now we kinda know.

Mark WebsterOn the right is the new BDO World Champion of Darts – Mark Webster. The 24 year old has become a little bit of a hero recently in this part of the world after becoming two things:

  • The first man in North Wales to win a recognised World Championship in ages.
  • Beating an Australian in the final, being the first time Wales has beaten Australia at anything – which caused me to gloat to my Contiki mates, most of whom were over 10,000 miles away* (“Dame Edna Everage, Rolf Harris, Steve Irwin, Your Boys Took One Hell of a Beating!”)

The funniest thing is that he apparently only took up darts relatively recently, and – like Jelle Klaasen a few years back – became World Champion relatively quickly. It’s also funny that – according to the BBC news – today he’s back in the Tech doing his plumbing course.

So, you can add “Become a World Champion” to my list of things to do before I die (which includes “Beat My Brother To North America” and “Appear on a game show that rewards a good general knowledge, not stupidity or being cruel”). I think that my mum would have a heart attack if I installed a dartboard in my space limited bedroom, so I’ll have to stick to PDC World Darts for the Wii (which apparently “Mimic’s The Movement of Darts”), I’ll let you know how I get on.

If you see Rhys “Wynnedows 301″ Wynne lifting a darts trophy at the Lakeside in a few years – remember – you heard it here first.

* Conversation between myself and my mate we had about it:

“See that we’ve got a Welsh World Champion who beat an Aussie? I was so excited I rang my mate’s in Australia to gloat!”
“Yeah, I don’t think they cared.”
“They did at 3 in the morning.”

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