bingoogle.jpgThere’s a lot of talk recently on the evils of Google. Firstly there’s the restructure and rerestrcuture of the Adsense Referrals Program (which inspired me to do this), and the localisation of Google Mail – which you can see to the image to the left (the fact that the UK “Trash” is called a “Bin”. Of course, the second one isn’t exactly evil, so I’ll leave you to guess which one was blogged about extensively, and which I only noticed.

However, one, very, very good thing is that Google Adsense is that has become a tool against plagarism.

Last week, a paper which I won’t mention hear for fear of being crucified for being a neo nazi (it was the only thing in the Dentist office! I was trapped in Middle Wales!) had – shock horror – a fairly amusing article. In admist the rubbish of moral decay due to immigrants and how to cure cancer with a pritt stick, there was an article about Google Adsense, and how GCSE and A-Level students were getting their coursework cought out because of it. Why? Well, have a look below.

(Disclaimer: the image below wasn’t one found in the paper. I created it, but it was something similar.)


Yes. Our little darlings were copying websites – including the adverts. I can understand if you were copying and pasting it from your web browser to Word, but copying out by hand? How stupid can you be?

Of course, it does lead to a bright future for those who are using embedded ads in content. If people can copy text freehand from websites without realising it, they’re sure to click on ads, right?

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