January 4th, 2008
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I WAS On Top Gear!


One of the highlights of my year was going on a whim to see the TV show Top Gear being filmed, one thing which I did say (and this was before it was shown in the UK) was this:

“You may see me at one point too: after the News, Jeremy Clarkson walks to the Toyboata (a Toyota Hilux converted into a speedboat), you may see me in passing.”

And then later, Rhys said this:

“I watched the pan through after the news a few times Rhys, if you were standing next to some chick with deep red hair, then I saw you! If not… well, you weren’t on it.”

Quite brillaintly, he was right.

It took me 3 months, my brother’s laptop and frame by frame scrolling, but we have now conclusive evidence that I was on top gear, rather than languishing around outside meeting the presenters.


Look! It’s me! Next to the red head (with the mahoosive gazongas, I may add). Either way, it’s the first time I’ve been on television and been near celebrities I actually like and are famous (Victoria Beckham and countless people off BBC Wales) and not turned out to be dickwads (Roy Walker – though I suspected saying “LOOK AT MR CHIPS, WHAT IS HE DOIN’” to him in Marks & Spencer may not have endeared him to me), and who have been on a football pitch (though the “Cloughie drives a Kia” chant was a work of genius during the Burton Game) So it was a great success, and another thing to tick off the list of awesome experiences.

Have you ever had a brush with fame (or pre-fame, as I know one of my readers has)? Or ever been on the telly?

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