Long time reader, commenter and sponsor Andy Bailey of FiddyP contacted me over the weekend asking if I’d review something for him to promote his new shop, in exchange of me getting to keep what he sent me. I’ll be honest, I had no idea what I was getting, so it was like Christmas come late/early, wondering what I got.

I opened the well wrapped parcel and in there was these beauties.



iPod Speakers.

Now, therein lies the first problem – more of the marketing of the product than itself. I don’t actually own an iPod. The Apple Gods have decreed that I’m simply not allowed to because I’m quite obviously too much of an unkept oaf to own one, and even being in the same room as one does extensive and irreversible brand damage to Apple. It’s largely the reason me and Han split up. So, I was unsure if the iMaingo was compatible with my Sony Ericksson K750i.

Nevertheless, the packaging and Andy assured me it was for small mp3 players – which is again all well and good – but I use my phone as my mp3 player. Nevertheless, as I always say, “Where there’s a Wynne there’s a way”, and I managed to get it working simply through a phone connector, all without looking at the instructions. It’s stupidly easy to get working, and iPod owners would have it even easier.

So how does it sound? Well, it’s brilliant. I always doubted ipod or add on speakers, seeing as them as a chav accessory with tinny sound. However, these battery boosted beauties sound gorgeous. Usually it falls down on the bass, but these stand strong. You’re never going to deafen Wembeley with these, but for just general listening around the house and house parties these are more than adequate.

Usually you can buy these things for £59.99 but Andy is selling them for £37.50 + 50p Postage for Next Day Recorded Delivery in the UK.

Click Here To Buy iMango Portable Speakers from Fiddyp.

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