“So have you had any driving experience at all?”
“None at all?”
“Well, I am pretty hot at Daytona USA, managing to complete the Hard course in the Arcades, does that count?”

Yes, a large part of last Saturday was spent with me ringing around various driving agencies (including “Impact Driving School”, I decided against that – and also misdialled a DNA Testing company called “Who’s Your Daddy?”. Don’t ask), and in the end, I managed to get a instructor for a fairly decent price at – more importantly – a time that I want.

Anyway, after a rather exciting week, tomorrow is the first time I step behind the wheel of a car, and – I’ll be honest – I’m bricking it.

I have always said I will be a rubbish driver*. I know I shouldn’t base my life around Gran Tourismo, but fuck it, I’m terrible at that game, and – by my reckoning as it is “The Real Driving Simulator” – I’ll be terrible at driving in real life.

Anyway, wish me luck, and as a final question, which is more strange?

a) Not being able to drive until 24?
b) Not going on a bus before you’re 19?

Don’t ask.

* Reading back in the comments I noticed Melissa challenged me to a “Who’ll Pass First” Duel. I wonder how she’s doing?

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