Right, so besides the festivities, what have I been doing to keep myself occupied over the holidays?

I’m a very mentally active person generally, and need to keep myself sane by doing things, be it socialising, blogging or even playing video games. I find TV rather dull (is in this house, I pay for Sky Sports yet never watch it, as we have to watch antique or property development shows. Yawn.), so after another godawful repeat of Antiques Roadshow, I decided to relaunch Retro Garden.

Or so I thought.

You see, whilst I’ve been bashing away at reviews and pieces for the site, the design has scuppered me. I’m the worst designer in the world: I am usually given logos and build a design around them. Now, I have no logo, so I’ve decided to throw open a competition to get one.

The competition is run in conjunction with UK Webmaster World Forums, and it’s to design a logo for the new Retro Garden site.

The full details for this competition are located in this post on the forum.

The winner will recieve upto $70 ($50 put up by me, $20 put up by Temi if you meet certain conditions), so far, there have been two keen competitiors.

My only advice to you would be to read the thread throughout if you are to enter.

Good luck!

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