New Years 2008 didn’t start off too well. My mate Goz and his brother put on an ace house party at their gaff, with lovely nibbles, chili con carne, and quite a sizable amount of alcohol, however – my first moments of 2008 were spent in the bathroom, and the first thing I hugged was the toilet.


halo3.jpgAnyway, after I had cleaned out my system I sat down and played Halo 3 for the first time. I’ll be honest, as a Nintendo fanboy, the whole Halo franchise passed me by except for a couple of post pub “Ay-law” deathmatches on my Yorkshire mate’s original XBox. I was smashed then, so I can’t remember much of it.

I was actually pretty good in classic deathmatch mode, but still was distinctly average enough to be middling around. However, it was good fun, and with good people.

That got me thinking though, when I was growing up I was deemed “anti-social” because I spent ages playing video games in my room. It’s wierd that – midnight chunderfest aside – I was laughing, joking and being happy with mates. I was being, lack of a better word, social. Whilst playing video games. If I was to go out, urinate on a copper than scream “HAPPY NEW YEAR” then stab a chav, I’d be considered anti-social. It’s incredible how a word has gone from being quiet and shy to meaning loud and boistrus.

Anyway, that was just me. My new year got off to a bang with Colwyn Bay beat Warrington Town 7-1. Hurrah!

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