A lot of people say to me “Rhys! You’re advertising Text Links on your site, and you also use Text Link Ads. Aren’t you worry that Google will hate you?”.

I always tell them no, and here’s why.

Through Text Link Ads, I’ve managed to make a little bit of money per month on my blog. It’s not a huge amount, but pays for a few nights out/couple of driving lessons. That – along with everything else I earn – does help things along nicely.

Google, in the last Pagerank Update, knocked me down from a PR4 to a PR3, largely as a response to text links. Wierdly, google visitors increased quite a bit, and last week I had a large number of people searching for a strange phrase never seen before in my referral logs:


Never seen that before. Why do I come up so high? I mean, My name’s Rhys and I have a brother called Richard, but mispellings count for nothing, do they? And why are people mispelling my name like that?

Turns out it isn’t for me. Rhyse Richards is “One of the up and coming stars in the world of Adult Entertainment” (not my words by the way), and like all up and coming stars, she has a Myspace (debateably NSFW – like you go on Myspace at work anyway, facebook is where it’s at), which tells us that Rhyse is 35 years old, 5’3″ tall and her vital statistics is a completly unnatural 34DD-24-34.

What I find hilarious about it is that just the thought of all 1,161 people one hand surfing to this site, and being bitterly disappointed (or maybe not!).

Hence this post.

Anybody who tries and makes money from search engine will know the value of “Landing Pages”, pages specifically designed to attract the attention of search engines, which give you a brief overview to what you’re trying to flog, and then somewhere on there is the product, people read it, buy it, and you make money.

I’m not trying to make money, just trying to hopefully not leave our Chicken Choking Google Visitors with a sour taste in their mouth.

So here goes:


Rhyse Richards: 35, makes money on the internet by taking her clothes off.

Rhys Wynne (with a brother called Richard): 23, makes money on the internet by not taking his clothes off.

So that’s why – dear readers – this is the reason why I don’t really worry about who comes from Google.

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