January 23rd, 2008
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Rubbish Commenters Update


diskspam.jpgA few months ago, I posted about being on Courtney Tuttle’s “D-List”, and how I was getting spammed by people with no name – instead a string of keywords. It calmed down for ages but in the last week or so I’d been getting a lot more than usual. As a cheap way of blogging, here’s some of the best:

From My Post on Rhyse Richards comes this:

“Welcome to sharing your name with porn star!! Start being worried if you get people searching for Rhys’s jugs”

“Welcome” would sound like you also share your name with a porn star. Well, try as I might, I couldn’t find one called “Alien Adoption Articles”.

When I first posted about Courtney Tuttle’s “D-List”, some guy called Latest news of Linux posted this:

“Is it good for all the sites or just the spams…

So to answer the age old question, do they read your blog? Sure, even though they appear to read the post, they don’t actually read it. Hell, they probably pick up on the title, or a couple of sentance, and ignore the rest of the post.

Not every comment I delete because of there being keyword rich names. Oh no, some comments I delete because they’re abusive stereotypical arseholes who hide behind yahoo e-mail addresses, such as pete pernicker:

“What’s wrong dude? Couldn’t you find any sheep to shag?”

Admittedly, it was for the post me with the title “Don’t You Know That Rome Was a Fucking Shit Day“. But the post is a happy one!

Finally, SEO Web Design set out a great message of professionalism with their comment on Corey Worthington – Party Liason.

“Unrepentant guy…This is how some are teaching their new generation. Sad to hear that but this is dickhead.”

I know SEO experts focus on keywords rather than full sentances, but I expect them to be able to formulate full sentances in their comment!

I do what I always do – send them the e-mail with a link to my bid directory and advertising page. But I’ve added one more sentance, which I will repeat here.

Comment keyword stuffing does not work. It disassociates you with the blogger in question, makes you look like a git, and harms your reputation. Worst case is making your email associated with comment spam (yes, I’m looking at you tahin4u at gmail), effectively killing your brand. If you are to do it, use your name. It looks better, trust us!

Which lovely companies have been spamming you? If you are to do it, why not link back to the keyword phrase back to your blog? Nothing like a bit of healthy competition. So, do something like this:

Name: Rhys

Blog: Whatever

Comment: Yeah, some cock linked to me with the phrase health information and services.

What are you waiting for, get linking!

Image: Ye Olde Spame by Chthonic. Used under Creative Commons.

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