My Name’s Rhys Wynne, but you can call me “One Stall” Rhys Wynne, as – after 3 lessons – I only stalled once on Saturday.

I am finally beginning to “get” driving. My steering problems have been becoming more and more negliable, and I even braved Mostyn Street in Llandudno, as well as Conwy Road in Colwyn Bay. Two of the meanest busiest streets on the North Wales coast. Mostyn Street especially, as the drive for consumerism there has made the people who regularly frequent there completely lack brains and you have to dodge pedestrians. I did that more than adequately.

I’m also really beginning to enjoy it, I haven’t got any better at driving games though.

Following that, I headed off to the football for the first time in nearly a month. Colwyn Bay played Gresley Rovers – who are third in the league – in a game that was compelling to watch. Colwyn Bay won 2-1, and although the goals we scored weren’t exactly top drawer (a penalty and a goal which hit the referee, bounced into the path of Crowder, who wellied it into the back of the net), we did look the most threatening side and deserve a win.

However, there was an exciting buzz through the game, of the thought that Blue Square South Side Havant & Waterlooville could beat Liverpool after twice taking the lead against the five time European Champions, before Liverpool won the game 5-2.

What is interesting though is the amount of time people say about footballers in the lower league, they use phrases like “Oh, they’re binmen or joiners or builders”. All are seemingly manuel workers. Where are all the accountants, IT workers and estate agents? Surely there must be footballers in the lower leagues who work at desk jobs, surely?

If you are, let me know in the comments!

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