January 17th, 2008
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Three Reasons Why Liverpool Rules


liverpool08.jpgA few days ago Liverpool’s reign of capital of culture began. As an Liverpool University Alumnus, half scouser and somebody who has lived in the city for four years, I feel it is well deserved.

I was living in the city when the capital of culture was announced. It was my first year, we were sat in a mates car in Bootle Car Park eating a KFC, listening to the award ceremony on the radio. It was between Liverpool and Gateshead. And – surprise surprise – Liverpool won.

I’ll be honest, a bunch of my mates who have never been to Liverpool gave it stick, and I feel I should stand up and defend my second home. They say the obvious things, so in this post, here’s three reasons why I love Liverpool.

1. Sense of Humour
Liverpudlians have the best sense of humour out there, fact. I don’t think I have ever met a scouser who hasn’t made me chuckle, or I have not managed to get them to laugh. It’s a fantastic fun and – more importantly – harmless quality. The only thing they take the mick out of is themselves, and – whilst they poke fun at each other – they certainly don’t set out to humiliate them.

2. Crime – Or Lack Thereof
One thing everybody says about Liverpool is that “It’s full of Crime”. I’ll be honest, after 4 years living in University (of which we were one of the few students living in an area) I felt nothing too threatening. Sure you heard about it, but none of it was directed at me. The worst was getting gip off a woman who was urinating in a public place (she wanted me to turn my back on her, I averted my eyes but I’m not turning my back on anybody in a park late at night – I only realised why she was making such a noise when I got a little close. I apologised.). Compare that to – say – Colwyn Bay, and I’m surprised whenever I come home at night alive.

3. Everybody’s Simple
It may sound like a bad thing, but I’ve never met so uncomplicated people. They’re straight up, honest (by and large), and are loyal. They like having fun, and usually the first question you get is “Red or Blue?”. Surprisingly, I usually trust Liverpudlians more than most because I usually know where I stand with them.

With that said, I’m so glad Liverpool won Capital of Culture, and wish them the best of success. Ignore the naysayers, you guys bloody rock!

So, Red or Blue?

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