January 10th, 2008
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Three Websites That Use the Wii Remote


I hate to say it, but usually if I can’t get out of bed and want to check the internet, I usually grab my Wii remote to go on the Wii Browser. It’s not that great a browser, but – for what it does – it’ll do.

A few weeks ago the Opera Wii SDK was found and let loose on developers, and so far there have been a few things developed. Here are 3 websites that are an essential bookmark for any Wii owner.

1. Quiiz
Quiiz is a fun little multiplayer game, where the object of the game is simply to answer more questions than the other players around the Wii. It’s multiple choice in a Who Wants to be a Millionaire stylee, but with everybody submitting questions, it well outlasts other games. It’s not the prettiest thing in the world, but it’s quite good fun for an evening or two.

2. Virtual Console Archive
Worried that you’ll buy a rubbish game on the Virtual Console? Head over to the Virtual Console Archive to recieve a review of every single Virtual Console Game ever made. It’s comprehensive, it’s complete, and it tells you in no uncertain terms that, whilst F-Zero X and Super Metroid are classics, Ecco Jr. is a steaming pile of poo. It also digs out classics you may not of heard of, such as Mario Super Picross and Actraiser. Both of them I have bought recently, both are brilliant.

3. Hullbreach
Finally comes hullbreach, and whilst it’s not quite there yet, it’s getting there, and could be rather impressive. Hullbreach is promising to be the Wii’s first Browser MMORPG. Which has me excited and nervous at the same time. I can only hope it is something like Planetarion. If it is like the browser game that fucked up my A-Levels, I can hardly wait.

Anybody else find any other great Wii Compatible Websites?

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