January is almost over, and – thanks mainly to my Bid Directory and Fair Review, this month has been the most successful for me on the internet. Seriously. Not in terms of cash no, but this blog.

In January we have managed to get an average of over 400 visitors a day, and we’ve hit 200 RSS Subscribers (though that number has dropped now to 180 on Feedburner, though I suspect it’s just Google being odd).

So, Advertising on this blog has never been a better time, but commenting as well is well worth doing. Here’s my latest batch of linky love.


Thank you to all my sponsors who have kept me stocked with Beer and Pringles.

Want to get a piece of this action? Why not Advertise with Me!?


There’s no “Questions” this month, for two good reasons.

1. Nobody EVER answers them.
2. I’m planning a little competition tomorrow. Watch this space!

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