January 21st, 2008
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The weekend was a just a little bit busy.

drivinglesson2.jpgSaturday Morning was my second ever driving lesson. I think it went better than the first, with a major drive seen in the picture to the right. Then there was a couple of manouvers. My road positioning is pretty good, but my clutch control and steering is appalling. I often get into knots, and I fear that my years of Gran Tourismo with Playstation Force Feedback Wheel has come and bit me in the bum.

It frustrated me and made me angry with myself. I just slipped into a bad habit and I don’t like it. Plus I sped for the first time. Yes, Richard Brunstrom hates me again, but I now sympathise with everybody  who has been caught out. It’s so easy to speed, and – whilst going 35 in a 30 – I felt like a shit!

Whilst my instructor said to me there was nothing to fear, she was a bit concerned with my steering, and I am too.

Nevertheless, it will come with practice, and I’ve taken to Guy’s advice of using a dinner plate sat on my bed with a black marker at 12 o clock to practice.

And that was the most exciting thing that has happened on my bed all weekend, but not the last.

You see, after Saturday’s lesson, I took a turn for the worse. I just have had a horrible cold that I suppressed for my driving lesson. I was going out with a few mates on Saturday night, and so Saturday Afternoon was spent tucked up in bed fighting the cold before I decimate my immune system with Alcohol.

In the end, I recovered enough to go for a night out in Llandudno. I ended up in Club 147 – a  club/pool hall that urinates all over Broadway from a great height. For one, it’s only £2 to get in, drinks are cheaper, the women are considerably more attractive than the dolled up tramps that associate with the Broadway. You can dance, you can speak to people, you can do a bunch of fun things! In the end, I got smashed and went home.

Sunday was – like Saturday – spent in bed. I did re-install my Sega Saturn and play that.

How was your weekend?

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