February 10th, 2008
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Beware of the MommyBloggers!


This post is written by Malin. This is not what I – Rhys Alun Wynne – thinks. I published this post last night rather drunkenly after a bottle of black balzam. I then proceeded to dance on a table in city centre Riga with a bunch of Latvian girls. If anybody’s offended, I apologize!

Infektia doesn't have a baby butt

Hi! My name is Malin from infektia.net (I must squeeze in some advertising when I have my 15 minutes of fame). Unlike Celeste I won’t give a review of one of my embarrassing moments, I will talk about something that probably never will be mentioned by Rhys (that bastard is in Latvia – come to Sweden damnit!) on this blog. I will talk about *drum roll* – MOMMYBLOGGERS!

Yes, you heard me right. I bet you haven’t missed the mass invasion of mommybloggers in the blogosphere the past years. They are literally everywhere! I bet that 50% of the bloggers now are owned by a mom.

I wouldn’t really be bothered if they didn’t gather up towards the other bloggers in big pyjama troops, scaring everyone away with their milk-dripping tits. If you don’t have a baby – you are dead! They will rip you apart while they are singing “Mommy Bloggers UNITE”, showing off their tits, sticking up used diapers under your nose, and then you will be thrown out in the dark. They are new elite blog group.

I’m sick of hearing about them, but worse is to be left out because I don’t have a baby. So believe me when I say it; don’t sneak up on a blogging “stay/work at home mom” or a “mommyblogger”, it might be the last thing you do!


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