February 6th, 2008
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Bugger Me, It’s Lent Again


melent.jpg“You do realise it’s Shrove Tuesday tomorrow?”

That’s what my mum said to me on Monday, and with good reason, it was. It has kinda sneaked up on us, this year, hasn’t it? What with the proximity to the over commercial Valentine’s Day less than a week away, it feels a bit left out, as I haven’t seen anything about it.

So, after the pancakes comes lent, and something to give up for 40 days and 40 nights.

I usually try and do without something every year, but this year I can’t think of anything. In the last few years I haven’t eaten takeaway food, gambled, and eaten chocolate with great success, I feel that I have exercised all my demons, and I’m going in the right direction (I’ve lost a stone/14lbs/6kg since January). So I don’t really feel I need to give up anything. I am – by and large – content at the moment.

Which is where you step in.

What do you want me to give up? Most of you know my writing, some of you are lucky to know me personally. There must be something you don’t like about my personage. What can I give up for lent?

Incidentally there are a few things I won’t go without for 40 days and 40 nights. Here they are:-

  • My Wii
  • Beer
  • Sprouts (because I don’t eat them anyway, and it’s cheating)
  • Sex (see sprouts)
  • Blogging (I entertain enough of you as it is)

So, any ideas?

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