February 18th, 2008
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Coming Down With Road Rage


This week was my fifth week of driving. Usually they say that after 5 hours of lessons you begin to get the hang of driving, with the weekend away, I’m probably about half an hour behind where I usually am, but I am still doing okay.

However, as I know the road, I’m beginning to notice mistakes from other users, and act accordingly.

In other words, yelling abuse.

Yes, for the first time yesterday I raged at somebody else on the road. I felt it was justified though. This was the situation.

The road on where I live is tricky to get into. It’s a right and an immediate left. It’s also uphill as well. I never really noticed it beforehand until two weeks ago, when I first maenouver it. I stalled, twice as I approached it too fast, and then failed a hill start. Yesterday though, I managed to get up stall-less and pretty much perfect. However, what should’ve been a joyous occasion resulted in me cursing and blinding for the final 30 seconds of my driving test. Why? Well, here was the diagram.


I was fuming, a gaggle of 6 or 7 early 30′s women were standing having a natter in the middle in the road. I was livid. If they broke down, fine, but the warning lights weren’t on, and furthermore they were standing in the worst fucking spot.

The annoying this is, if I hit them, it would’ve been my fault. They weren’t technically obstructing, but by talking about hair products, they made my maneuver very, very tricky.

I don’t condone road rage, but I can honestly see why people do it. I think it has made me a better pedestrian though.

What has been the worst experience of road rage you’ve seen?

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