February 4th, 2008
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Don’t Forget Your Guest Posts


So this weekend was mainly spent getting prepared for Latvia. I wake up early on Friday Morning, catch a flight from Liverpool, and arrive in Latvia at around 11:30 am for 3 days of drinking, sight seeing and hopefully meeting wondeful travellers – who I get on with famously. Bonus points if they’re attractive.


However, the time has come to once again for a couple of Guest Posts.

I’m looking for Friday and Monday. I know it’s less than 4 days, but anything you want to write (within reason) I’ll publish. A story, an anecdote. Whatever, just something for my millions of fans to read.

Of course, I don’t expect you to do it for free, so here’s what I’m offering.

  • Adsense on the page you created. What’ll happen is that should anybody click on the adsense blocks on your post, you’ll get the cash.
  • An adicon for life.
  • I’ll give 250 Entrecard Credits, enough to advertise on this blog’s entrecard area, to each of the writers.
  • Exposure (not in a perverted way) to all my fantastic readers.

A few months ago we had some great guest posts when I went swanning off around Europe. And my readers are lovely, and don’t bite (except for Han).

To write your post, visit Administration and click “Register”. If you’re already registered, you can write away!

In Other News
The weekend was spent driving and drinking. Not at the same time you understand. My driving lesson went well (even braving the “Black Cat” Roundabout in Mochdre which makes the roundabout around L’Arc de Triomphe look safe, up until the last 2 minutes where I stalled on the tricky uphill chichane at the bottom of my road. Woe!

Incidentally, I’m quite aware of the Rugby result. Will boast tomorrow.

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