February 25th, 2008
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Week six of my driving lessons has been complete, and I’ve taken advice of my workmate and Sibz not to get road rage. Surprisingly, I. Even more surprisingly, I did horrendously well, reversing round a corner, three point turning, and bay parking to perfection. I also managed to navigate the horror that is Mostyn Street in Llandudno, the main road full of shoppers and people crossing the road without looking. I only stalled once. I’m still a bit rusty around the edges, but dammit I’m getting better :)

cbfctable.jpgSomething that isn’t getting better is watching The Mighty Seagulls. This time last year not a week would go by without me talking about the wonderous Colwyn Bay FC. We made the playoffs due to amazing second half of the season form. This year, we’re being tremendously average and languishing mid table. Saturday was just a depressing game of football – conceding three goals in a matter of minutes, ending the game 4-1. It has been the first time in 6 years I’ve not watched a part of the game, leaving after goal number 3 to watch the Rugby.

Thankfully, the Rugby was a lot better, with Wales beating Italy in the Six Nations in a fantastic second half perfomance from Lee Byrne, Shane Williams and Stephen Jones amongst others having a brilliant game. There was also a Kodak moment as I was genuinely cheering on the English later on in the day against France. Surprisingly they didn’t bottle it and ending up beating them in Paris, meaning that Wales are well in the lead for winning the six nations. If we beat Ireland in Dublin and France in Cardiff, then we will become Six Nations champions, grand slam and Triple Crown winners, and that would be very, very sweet.

Here’s the latest table on the Six Nations competition:-

Position Name Results Correct Point Difference
1. Debbie 7 134
2. Matthew 7 154
3. Eva 7 179
4. Rhys 7 187

So Debbie has taken a commanding lead. Can anybody stop her?

Finally, thanks to everybody who have sponsored me so far (John, Andy, Rick and Max). I will get round to thanking you individually on a post shortly, but I have already exceeded my target of £101. Thank you everybody, you are going to keep a village in Rwanda free of AIDS by sending everybody on the “Rhys Wynne school of seduction”. Think about it: no sex = no AIDS. We need to help more villages go on this worthwhile course, so if you haven’t sponsored me yet, you’re officially a self obsessed arse. Sponsor now!

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