February 5th, 2008
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Feed Me Till I Want No More


What a game.

After having a driving lesson – where I did brilliantly up until I stalled on a bad corner, I headed out to Llandudno to continue to prepare for my holidays. I snapped up a couple of bargain thermal t-shirts and long johns, before settling down with a few beers to watch Wales play England.

Oh. My. Goodness.

For those of you who are unaware, Wales hadn’t beaten England at Twickenham in 20 years. England – being World Cup finalists, and at home, were understandably odds on favourites to win. England took the lead in the third minute, we equalised. But then it was all England. England scored a try and went on to a 16-6 lead at half time. England should’ve been coasting, but I don’t know whether it was complacency or Wales just turned up a gear, and 2 tries in the space of two minutes, coupled with James Hook kicking everything perfectly, meant that Wales pulled out a 26-19 victory.

I was absolutely ecstatic! I jumped, cheered and nearly knocked over my beer. I’d love to say I watched it with the company of my fellow countrymen, but alas I didn’t – watching it with 2 Englishmen, a Scottish Lady and an American, so when the final whistle came, whilst I should’ve been ecstatic, I was immediately told to shut up by the Englishmen for “Being too arrogent”.

Yes, I’m well aware of the irony.

Speaking of arrogence – they had a woeful Will Greenwood interview segment at half time, talking about how England’s Lionhearts are once again slaying the Welsh dragons. Notice they didn’t bother interviewing him after the game though ;).

So, with that said, I guess there’s only one thing to say to my English readers. Your boys took one hell of a beating!

Six Nations Competition

As things stand in the Six Nations Competition, here is the current table:

Position Name Results Correct Point Difference
1. Debbie 2 30
2. Matthew 2 41
3. Eva 2 43
4. Rhys 2 52

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