February 7th, 2008
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Latvian Bound


Tomorrow, I’m buggering off to Latvia for a long weekend. I’m excited but nervous. I try on holiday to soak in the culture, to try and appreciate the place where I’m visiting, but am scared if the place is crawling with stag dos and will probably end up ashamed of our fair nation.

I’m also worried because I booked most of it, and so scared if it all goes wrong. This is the first time I’ve organised holidays for more than just myself, and – as I sit here in the clothes you only wear before going on holiday, as all your good ones are packed – I’m worrying that things will go wrong, and I’ll let down people.

Nevertheless, I’m sure it’ll be fine, and you’ll hear all about the weekend on Tuesday.

However, I haven’t forgotten about you! Tomorrow, we have a guest post from the lovely Celeste, who I’m assured will leave you enthralled with a tale spun in a way that only she can. You’re in good hands. Or so I’m assured.

As for Monday? Well I’ve had no offers as of yet, but I’m assured that the hostel has free internet. So at quiet moments on my excursion, I will be able to check my e-mails, browse facebook, and get a bollocking off my mates for spending my holiday browsing facebook and checking my e-mails.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that if you want to take this blog into scary new directions – like Celeste – then you may, by registering here and talking whatever the hell you want. Hell the a****** and e******** offer is still available. Even if I’m not allowed to mention it on my own fucking blog.

Then again, it’s not essential, just desirable. I’ve already copy and pasted my only entry into b3ta’s “Question of the Week” that’s substansial, mildly humourous, not a complete lie, and doesn’t feature me talking about my woefully barren sex life.

In any rate, I don’t care, as I’m going to Latvia! See you Tuesday!

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