February 27th, 2008
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Meme Time – Five Vices


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Was thinking a while back about two things. The first thing was about Memes. I’ve always wanted to start one, but it had to be a good one.

The second thing was about an e-mail exchange I had with a “Blogger” (I use that term loosely, he was using it to sell some products via Entrecard), saying that I – as a 6 year, two time bloggie award, BBC Radio featured Blogger – “gave bloggers a bad name”.

It’s true that I may post a few controversial things here and there, and I try not to sugar coat my blog. However, there are aspects of my character that I’ve hidden until now. Things that I do in my private life that if you knew me, you’d know all about. But you don’t.

So, in an effort to know each other, I’m going to start this meme: Five Vices

What you have to do in this is the following:

1. List five vices you have, with a description if you want to.
2. Tag five bloggers for this meme.
3. Link back to the blogger who tagged you, and this post if you want to be nice!

So, here’s mine.

1. Quiz Machines
In the pub, I used to gamble on fruit machines a heck of a lot. Now, it’s little more than a flutter here and then, but the worst offender are those bastard quiz machines. I justified this as it’s a sociable activity, but even so it’s a vice.

2. Gambling
As mentioned above, I did gamble quite heavily (especially for a student). Compared to a lot of mates, I probably wasn’t that bad. But it felt like a lot. Now that I actually have to earn money, I’ve got it well under control. Other than the afformented quiz machines (which is no more than a fiver a week), I occassionally have a go on the football. A £2 accumulator every now and again does me. I won £10 last week. Bonus!

3. Alcohol
Again, not as much as I used to, but the odd Saturday and Friday night I’m usually got a few ales inside me. Usually not enough to have my head down the toilet, but enough.

4. Patroitism
Enough people consider it a vice to put down. I am scarily patriotic. If I wasn’t in the minority I’d be bordering on racist. I’m so passionately Welsh people must find it a bit of a turn off. Sure, I wouldn’t beat up a guy or commit hate crimes, but I’m probably about as passionately patriotic as your average American.

5. Swearing
This is becoming a bit of an issue. I’ve got a filthy mouth. Some people love it, some people hate it. I swear occasionally in front of my mother and usually say the F or C-Word a number of times a day.

My Tags
If you want to do this Meme, feel free (just link to it in the comments). Here’s my tagged readers though.

Basically yeah, the top 5 commenters on my blog this month. Now don’t you wish you commented more?

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