February 15th, 2008
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Mr Men & Little Miss


Turns out that the greatest cartoon of the early 1980′s is getting re-done for a modern audience. No, I’m not talking about Thundercats or Transformers, or even Danger Mouse. No, one of the first memories was reading the books and watching the TV Show based on the Mr Men. I loved it, it was fabulous, introducing the one-dimensional characters I still love today in Rambo, The Terminator and John McClane.

And now, a new generation of kids can enjoy it in a few weeks.

Only, they have slightly altered it a bit. The characters have suffered changes, removals and additions – including – according to Wikipedia “including name changes, design alterations and the gender reassignment of existing characters”.  Are we going to see Little Miss Mr soon? I bet readers of the Daily Mail would love that.

They’d also love the changes in some of the characters to give it more of a international feeling. For example, Mr Lazy has become destinctly rastafarian.


Mr Quiet has adopted Yoga.


Mr Strong has had a tummy tuck.


Mr. Nosy has had a nose job.


But the most shocking of all is Mr. Tickle. The one with the huge arms, but not anymore.


How the ruddy hell can he tickle with normal arms?

Anyway, I was thinking, if I was a Mr. Man, I guess I would be “Mr. Wine”. Two reasons really:-

  • I’m drinking rather a lot of wine at the moment.
  • It’s what Indian call centres call me.

So, if you were a Mr. Man or a Little Miss, who would you be and why?

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