You know when you go on holiday, there is this one song that takes you back to where you were during that trip. It can either be planned or not. I know how special “Like a Prayer” is for a lot of my friends, as it was a song for a holiday they all had when they were 18 (which I didn’t go on, boo!), and ever since going on my escapades around Europe, I know how special certain songs are.

And here are mine.

First of all Portugal, and the song that reminds me of Portugal is Jack Johnson’s “Better Together”, the reason being is that the the first night I went abroad that song was on the radio constantly. It was a Pestico night, with Chorizo, lots of good wine, and basically speaking to the Germans on football really gave me a bit of a travel bug.

Contiki actuially gave us a song – Sneaky Sound System’s “Pictures”, which was the first song played on the bus. Sure I’ve got it on my MP3 player, but the fact that I don’t like the song’s genre and the fact it was often played with me with a hangover (and was usually followed with a ‘Rude but I can get away with it because I am British and it is ironic and I secretly love her’ “FUCK OFF ELLEN” – directed to our tour manager who ) means it wasn’t My Contiki Song.

My Contiki song was however Vitamin C’s “Friends Forever”. It was played as we were pulling into London, and I heard it and it made me cry for about 3 to 4 hours. It really was that good a holiday. Even now it still makes me smile.

So now onto Latvia. This song I only heard once, but it was at a special time. Following going to The Orange Bar with my new found Latvian Chums, my mates, and two English dudes, I heard this and it struck a chord like the songs above that this was the song.

Two problems however, the first was that it was in Latvian song, but I recognised the tune.

The second was the tune in question, as it had the same tune to this.

YouTube Preview Image

Yes, S Club Juniors “One Step Closer”. For the unitiated, S Club Juniors were a band formed as a spin off to already sickly sweet bubblegum pop S Club 7. They were formed in 2001 and it is rumoured that the 9/11 attacks were actually caused in retribution of the announcement of the band’s US tours. They were everything wrong with the music industry, by being manufactured, but also there was a wierd perversion to them. I’m sorry, but when I was 14, I wasn’t interested in “Love”, more into Nintendos. Hell, probably still am today. But back when I was 14 – unless you were Mum, Dad or Jesus – you weren’t allowed to love me. Hell, girls smelt funny, and they had to be flushed down the toilet.

And now, despite how wrong it is, I offically have to like one of their songs.

However, you could save me from dodgy pop if you know what song I am talking about. Somebody must have heard the Latvian version, which sounded similar but probably is about football and cars and stuff as a 23 year old man is allowed to like. If you have, please let me know.

Until then, I’ll keep singing my version to the chorous, as a kareoke version of the song has found it’s way onto my MP3 Player.

One Step Closer To Riga Baby
Means one more drink for me
I’ll be drinking lots of Luxsus
And Black Balzam even though it tastes like wee
One Step Closer To Riga, More Drinks, More Drinks, More Drinks for Rhys Wynn-ie!

Eat your heart out, Lennon & McCartney.

What songs remind you of a holiday, and where?

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