sportrelief.jpgI lied in yesterday’s post, this post will be a thinly veiled attempt to get you to part with your cash.

However, surprisingly, it’s not for me, but for the poor, needy and disadvantaged people all around the world.

A couple of weeks ago a mate of mine collared me whilst I was in a drunken haze wanting to know if I wanted to get fit. I have been playing football once a week and generally eating pretty well, but ales, trips to Riga and generally scoffing my face with rubbish means that – despite what anybody says – I’m still a relatively fat bastard. I’m not a fat bastard, but relatively speaking, I am (especially in places like Riga where everybody’s really skinny. Damn you former communist states!).

Anyway, he asked if I wanted to step it up a level, and do a run. I’ll be honest, I haven’t run since year 9 in school, and I hated it then, however I’ve become a lot more welcoming to excercise (I really enjoy Monday Night Football Nights, and was gutted when I couldn’t play due to illness a few weeks back, I even played when I flew back from Riga, even though I had about 3 hours sleep the night before), so I said yes. It’s 3 miles, which by my calculations will be 12 times around an athletics track.

The run however is not just for me, I’m running for a good cause. Sport Relief.

For the unaware, Sport Relief is a British bi-annual event whereby people and celebrities get together and raise an obscene amount of money for charities based in the UK and abroad. I’m usually not one for these telethons, but I’ve been in a good mood and thought I’d do something. So I offered to take part in “The Sport Relief Mile”

The Sport Relief Mile is a long-distance event where you run a mile, 3 miles or 6 miles. I said I’d run the 3 miles for charity. It occurs in places all over the country on Sunday 16th March. Yes. Sunday. I must be off my fucking rocker.

However, as good a cause this is, I’m really doing it for myself to get fit, as well as something to blog about. The money to good causes is a bonus – and being the fiercely competitive son of a gun that I am, I intend on raising more money than my friend (his target is £100, mine is £101).

If you want to help me raise my £101 target and beat my friend (I’m on £7, he’s on £25, but he’s not a blogger!), please go here to sponsor me.

Children will die if you don’t.

I will keep you posted on this here blog with how I’m doing. However if you want more up to date information (as well as me in sexy hot black lyrca), you can join my facebook group.

This blog now will become a “Running Blog”, with details of my training regimen, goals, highs, lows, and playlists.

Anybody else doing it?

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