February 1st, 2008
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Six Nations 2008 – Let Battle Commence



I think I’m going to try something for this blog – a little fun competition. Tomorrow the Six Nations starts, and instead of setting up a league for it like I usually do, I’m going to play a game where you can win a month’s advertising for this blog (yes, I know, not a great prize, but it’s only for fun).

The Six Nations is a fairly important rugby tournament involving the Home Nations, Ireland, Italy and France in a mini league. Over 5 weeks they play each other in a mini league, and this year anybody can win. Scotland and Italy had great world cups, England was a little lucky to do as well as they did, Wales and Ireland disappointed and the French are always there or thereabouts.

So what of this competition? Well, read below.

The Rules

What you have to do is predict the scores for each of the week’s fixtures. Whoever gets the most correct winners wins, or, if there’s a tie, the winner is the one who has the least score difference throughout the whole tournament. If that makes sense.

The Prize

One month 125 x 125 ad on my blog.

How to Enter

Simply predict the scores in each of the games and put it in the comment box (like my comment down there). Closing date is 2pm tomorrow (Saturday, before the Ireland vs Italy game). Good luck!

The Fixtures

Week 1
Ireland vs Italy
England vs Wales
Scotland vs. France

Week 2
Wales vs Scotland
France vs Ireland
Italy vs England

Week 3
Wales vs Italy
Ireland vs Scotland
France vs England

Week 4
Ireland vs Wales
Scotland vs England
France vs Italy

Week 5
Italy vs Scotland
England vs Ireland
Wales vs France

In Other News

I’ve got at the moment quite a quiet weekend. I am having a driving lesson, as well as preparing for Riga.

Picture Credit – Rugby World Cup : Solitude du buteur by manuel | MC. Used under Creative Commons

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