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In a weeks time, I will be 24. I’ll be honest, whilst I know what I’m getting and a rough idea of what I’m doing for the Saturday after (my Birthday is on a Tuesday, the most exciting thing will be Colwyn Bay vs. Alsager away), I guess there’s no more surprises. It’ll be fun, but it won’t top my best birthday ever – my 21st.

As good as my 18th (drunk in the Marine in Colwyn Bay) and my 23rd (myself, Han, Guy and Celeste making mischief on the streets of London), it wasn’t like my 21st. My 21st was perfect, I had a gorgeous girlfriend in S, my brother and friends all came out (with one hugely understandable exception which we won’t go into here), and I met my mum & other brother for a day out in Liverpool earlier on in the day for food and frolics. The night before S and myself went to La Tasca – a mediterranean restaturant – and is the only time I’ve ever eaten Spanish food. Bloody shame as I love it.

In the evening, myself, S, my brother and a sizeable number of my University friends went out for drinks, we ended up in the Krazyhouse, my favourite nightclub. I danced, drank a whole bottle of cheap and nasty champagne, and kicked all comers arses on the Tekken 3 machine they had there. In the end, me, S and my brother left and went home happy and merry.

Anyway, why am I telling you this? Well that birthday shaped what you’re reading, as my brother – who always manages to get ace presents – bought me a fantastic little present that was cheap for him, but I loved it.

He bought me

I went from a hosted blogger account to a hosting package, and the rest – as they say – is history.

What has been your best birthday ever?

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