February 21st, 2008
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Three Things Blogging Has Got Me


A while ago, I spotted a great post by Elaine Ramos on Blogging Tips called “Blogging Bought Me”. One of the most depressing niches of blog is “Make Money Online Quests”. Most of the blogs are rubbish, don’t add value, and usually end up failing. I try not to be in that niche, but occassionally do post about it. The reason is – after 5 years or so of blogging – I’m beginning to get financially rewarded via blogging, and I feel at least a little justified posting on the subject. It’s not enough to retire on, but it is enough to live a life which I wouldn’t normally be able to afford.

So, what I liked about the post is saying “yeah, you may not quit your job, but here’s a bunch of cool things you can do with your blogging wealth”. Now, as I’m on a “No blogging about making money online or other boring stuff which everybody else talks about” thing for Lent (which I am actually quite enjoying, cheers Lottie!), I’m not going to list the things that blogging has bought me, rather what blogging has got me. Subtle difference, but I want to focus more on the social aspect, rather than the moneterial aspect.

Three Things That Blogging Has Got Me

1. Friends
I love the social aspect of blogging more than anything else. I’m rather sociable by nature, and blog posts and comments mean quite a lot to me, as it’s like going down the pub for me. Ironically, I am rather terrible at commenting on other people’s blogs. I really don’t have a hell of a lot of time to comment on all the blogs I read. So I apologise profusely.

However, I consider most, if not all of you good friends, and would be mortally offended if you went to North Wales, and didn’t come out with me for a pint. I admit, you could be crazy and a nut case, but after going on the previous experience with the bloggers I have met, I have a feeling you are not.

2. Abroad
It really is no coincidence that the amount of foreign travel has coincided with the amount of cash I get from my blogging exploits. Although I made a concensous decision not to spend any of my blogging income on my trip to Latvia, I could’ve paid easily for the whole trip on it. The reason being is that I’m using that money for my summer holiday, which is being planned as we speak (I know where I’m going, just need to sort out the intricaces).

Either way, blogging financially has brought me holidays to places I couldn’t have seen before, and that is a good thing.

3. Laid
Oh yeah baby. Bollocks to adsense earnings and CTR’s and Super Affiliates and all that crap people whitter about. This is the real hole grail of blogging. Lets see John Chow beat that in one of his monthly roundups:-

Direct Advertising: $2000
Affiliate Sales: $1000
Adsense Earnings: $200
Total: $3200
Blogging Groupies Nailed: 0

He doesn’t look so impressive now, does he?

So, dear readers, what has blogging got you?

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