There’s been a lot of talk recently on Facebook on how it’s a shell of it’s former self. I’m not 100% sure if I agree with it, but the stats don’t lie – last month active users on Facebook dropped a fair whack. I’m also getting more and more people say to me, “Oh, Facebook is rubbish”. I’m not sure I agree with it, and in the last week these interesting things happened to me on Facebook.

1. Total Eclipse of The Moon
I’m a little bit of an Astronomy geek. I’ve seen a total eclipse of the sun, and recognise a number of constallations, and on my birthday last year there was a Lunar Eclipse. However, I’m surprised how many of my mates are Astro-geeks, because last week, there was another lunar eclipse. I got invited to the event, but as the eclipse was three in the morning, I couldn’t be bothered staying up. But, a lot of my friends did. It’s nice to know I don’t have to skirt talking about Aurora Borealis in the pub now – as I suspected my mates would’ve thought a Supernova was a website you download pornography from. Turns out a large number of them are astromically aware. Hurrah!

2. My Friend Circles Have Collided
One application I have on Facebook is this “Circle of Friends”. They’re generally split up into 5 categories: Bloggers, University Friends, Home, Travelling Buddies, and other online friends: which is made up of forum buddies. Anyway, generally I’m like smack bang in the middle of all 5 circles, with a little crossover for Travellers and Uni Buddies. However, somebody who I know from b3ta knows somebody from my bowling club. Don’t know why I found it interesting, but it is.

3. I got a Valentine’s Gift!
But the big news from Facebook this week is the mystery gift I got. It’s probably from either a male mate of mine winding me up, or from a few stalker girls that are on my facebook, but if it turns out to be somebody not from either of those groups, and from somebody I actually find attractive, then I take everything back about Valentine’s Day. It fucking rules.


Yes! Somebody sent me a Valentine’s Day Gift! Hurrah! I’m loved in a way that only a woman can! Bollocks to the fact that it’s free (it isn’t commercialised), and over the internet. All that matters is that I got one. I was surprised and grinning for at least a day because of it.

I still don’t know who sent me it. My suspicions are Guy though, as he’s in Australia (the balloon was sent at 4:15am GMT), and he loves me like only a woman can. Nevertheless, he hasn’t admitted or denied it yet, and I do know a lot of gorgeous women who are from Australia (the bonus of going on a Contiki tour), not to mention bloggers, so you never know.

So, do you love me enough to give me a free Valentine’s Day Gift on Facebook?

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