There was another reason for the anger and rage shown in yesterday’s post, that forced me to buy two new Wii Games (Battallion Wars 2 and Nights: Journey Of Dreams – Both rule, reviews coming soon). This time, it was rubbish pedestrians, but instead rubbish countrymen.

You see, the DSA (Driving Standards Authority) have decided that, to “boost efficiency”, they will close a number of test centres, and replacing them with a lot less “super centres”, which will teach biking, truck driving, as well as normal driving.

Of course, one of the test centres that will close will be Colwyn Bay’s, and I’m not happy about it.

I have no idea at the moment how it’ll affect me, as neither does my instructor. None of us have been told when (or indeed if) it’ll close, and what’ll happen afterwards. What it could mean though is that I could in theory be taking my test in an area about 30 miles away in either Bangor or Chester (I know the article says Rhyl, but apparently people in Colwyn Bay can’t take their test in Rhyl). It is a huge disadvantage for me, as I’ll am learning on Colwyn Bay roads instead of Bangor roads, and I’ll take my test on Bangor roads. Of course, I could learn in Bangor, but that means a 30 mile drive there and back. Hardly worth it for an hour or so, so I’d have to do two lessons. Which is more expense.

Two reasons why I’m particularly angry. The first is because 30 miles isn’t that far to travel down in Cardiff or other city areas. But in North Wales, it’s terrible. I cannot go on the duel carriageway, so I’d probably have to drive over the sychnant pass, which is fine for Sunday drivers, but for actually getting anywhere it’s a pain in the arse. It just smacks to me that the Assembly have – in their short sighted vision – thought “yeah, inexperienced drivers will be fine driving to Bangor, no problem! It’s only 30 miles!”. They probably haven’t driven on North Wales roads at all.

The second reason is that I can’t seem to do anything about it. I added a petition to the government website, and they rejected it, basically saying that it’s nothing to do with us. I really have no idea who to turn to to kick up a fuss, hence why I’m posting it here.

So I guess there’s only one thing I can do, pass first time, and be shot of it. It is quite a selfish attitude, but if anybody has any other ideas, I’d love to hear it.

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