February 16th, 2008
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You’re Not The Only One


One of the things on my list of “50 Things To Do Before I Die” (which, incidentally, includes “write a list of ’50 Things To Do Before I Die’” as I can never remember it) is “Get a blog post published.”. The reason is simple, there’s something very fragile about this blog, that should I pop my clogs, it’ll be online for a month, and then disappear when the hosting bill doesn’t get paid. It, like life itself I guess, it’s rather fragile. However, a blog post in a book appears something more permanent, that only fire, water or a bad case of the squits in the middle of nowhere could ruin the fact that you ever existed.

So I’ve wanted to have something, anything, written by me published. I – and a bunch of other people – enjoy my writing, so I don’t see why not I couldn’t be featured in a book, but the thing is, whenever there has been a blogosphere whip around for posts for a “Awesome Posts From Bloggers”, I have been strangely absent.

Until Peach’s plan was announced.

Peach is planning a book caleld You’re Not The Only One, a book dedicated solely to “experiences”, things from your life that you want to share (so, “Make Money Online” bloggers can go and make a cup of tea, as it’s about personal content, rather than regurgitating affiliate links). They could be humourous, they could be tragic, they could be about your weekly visits to the bathroom. They can be anything, but they must be an experience, and they must be good.

warchild.jpgFurthermore, all profits from the book will go to Warchild, which is a mighty fine thing.

I have submitted a story from these very pages. It’s slightly reworded to remove a lot of the fucking awful language, but the impact is still the same.

Have a guess at which blog post of mine I’ve published (hint, it’s about a year old) submit your own, then pester peach to publish my prose.

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