March 5th, 2008
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Birthday Haulage & Sport Relief


Thanks for all the birthday messages guys! The last two days have been insanely busy with work, socialising, facebooking (seriously, I needed a day off to catch up!), and playing football, as I usually do on Monday night. If you read the comments yesterday, you’ll notice I did something which I never do – score, twice. The first goal I don’t remember but the second one was a mazy dribble past three players, flicked it over my head and volleyed it past an outstretched keeper.

So yesterday, I got a few things for my birthday. The main thing (which I did ask for) was a new digital camera. When I was Gallivanting Around Latvia, one of the main losses was my digital camera. I say loss, I didn’t actually break it, but I put two bottles of premium strength beer onto my camera, which smashed the screen, like so.


So that pretty much confirmed what I was getting for my birthday.

Something else that plonked through the letterbox yesterday was my Sport Relief fundraising pack. In it contained the following:


The sexy sport relief socks, modelled by Bon.


My number.


Various items of marketing materials with your usual pretentous celebrities.


And a sponsorship form, which is great for those relatives to old and stupid to be able to sponsor online.

Thanks also goes to Doctorvee for sponsoring me. He’s the latest sponsor to also find out recently that they rule. If you don’t sponsor, you suck. You suck at life. Bad. Why not correct this unforseeable error by sponsoring me?

And, more importantly, whilst I may have a nice new camera, you’ll notice my photographic ability has remained rather stagnant.

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