March 25th, 2008
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Easter Weekend Schenanigans


I’ve had an awesome few days off, really caught up with a lot I’ve been planning to do, whilst had a nice break.


Good Friday was began with a meal in one of my favourite pubs – The Stag in Llangernyw. I’ve talked about visiting Llangernyw before, and I took a nice moody picture then. I did so on Friday.

Incidentally I had ham, egg and chips, washed down with a pint of Snowdon Brewery’s Six Nation’s Ale (I can’t remember what it was). It is such a nice meal, I was stuffed. But I was needed elsewhere.

Llanelian Road.

I haven’t really talked much about Colwyn Bay this year. Truth be told, we’ve not played fantastically this season, but thankfully we’ve hit a little bit of form at just the right time. As such, yesterday we played Cammel Laird, who’s famous for having Wayne Rooney’s brother playing for them (Graham. He’s rubbish). Colwyn Bay’s late push for the playoffs was still on, as a Neil Black hat trick made us win 3-1. Amazingly, you can see highlights from the game for free on NPLTV. So if you want an idea of what Colwyn Bay FC’s like, and can bare average commentary and adverts. Check it out here. You can also see me, after Blackie scores his second goal, I’m wearing a army green hoodie and clapping like a loon. And most the chants involve me.

Saturday came around and – like most Saturday Mornings – I had a driving lesson. I achieved something that I’ve never done – hit 60mph along the A470 (the only road that goes from North to South Wales). I never realise that for part of your test you have to go 60mph. To be honest, it frightened me. I was so scared in case I’d fuck up and stall or something. But I survived. How do you drivers cope with going so fast?


Went out on Saturday night for a few drinks, and caught up with a number of friends. As such now, I’m a little delicate, so I’m eating chocolate and playing Battallion Wars 2. See you tomorrow!

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