When I announce that I’m looking for guestposters for my blog, I am level with you, I do it to find an outlet for other people’s writings, but I warn them that not a huge amount will come from it. Maybe a few comments, a few new readers or an adsense click or two at best. You’d also get the warm, loving glow that I’d reciprocate by guest posting on their blog should they ever need to.

Fact is, I look at guestposting as an opportunity, but come to believe that it needs to be done right. I did do a practice run in my lent, blogging about a little tip on John Cow‘s blog – how to speed up wordpress installations by having a folder just for plugins.

Here are my thoughts on it.

Mike Huang is a Comment Spammer
Mike Huang from Bloggin-ads.com is one of those blogs that exploded on the scene with the rise of Entrecard. Plain and simple, he was at the top of the “Make Money Online” category for a long time, and as such his blog is rather popular.

However, he doesn’t leave good comments. Here’s the one he left on my post:


Here’s one he left on the next post, entitled Give Up Already.


Yeah! Really promoting discussion, aren’t you? Or did you just want your name in his top commenter lists? I usually feel bad as I’m the worst commenter in the world, but as my mum says – if you can’t say anything useful, don’t say anything at all.

If a Great Post Comes After You, You’re Fucked
Speaking of “Give Up Already”, it is a fantastic post and I loved it. Immediately, I read a few posts on the author’s blog – Can’t Get Rich – and I loved it.

Alas, it showed in turn how uninspiring and rubbish my post was. So whilst Can’t Get Rich got at least one new RSS subscriber (me), all I got was a few polite hits out of sheer curiosity.

So: Was It Worth It?
Well, for me yes. Not for this blog oh no. I used the opportunity to promote one of my other sites: My Brand New Brand. Somebody bought a domain from it and I got a little bit of cash. Hurrah! I’ve had word that a couple of people have added it to their favourites and generally people use it.

New York Guestposters Still Wanted
As I said, I found guestposting useful, so if anybody wants to grace this blog whilst I’m in New York, you can register here.

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