March 12th, 2008
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Holding Out For A Hero!


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So, this coming Sunday, I will run 3 miles for Sport Relief. Towards the latter end of last week, I picked up a rather nasty groin strain. A quick kiss better from some bar pickup on Saturday night made it feel a lot better and looser this week, so I am on a strict (well, strict-ish) “No Alcohol” policy, and trying to cram a few more sessions into the run on Sunday.

I’ll be honest. I’m well aware the chances of me running the three miles are slim at best. However, if I run a mile and walk the rest (something I should be more than capable of doing), I will be very very happy.

As such, I’m trying to get just a little bit fitter, and running a little bit more there and then. Trouble is I find it boring, and need music. To run.

So, here at the moment is my running playlist. I say list, there’s really only two songs on it.

Bonnie Tyler – Holding out for a Hero
Survivor – Eye Of The Tiger

And that’s it.

I need some sort of “running” tunes. Tunes that are designed to be balls out adventure, man against nature, competition, and all sorts of wonderous things like that. Any suggestions?

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