A couple of months ago, I laid out a challenge to my readers – What should I give up for Lent? One of the best challenges was from Lottie, who suggested this:

“I have a suggestion, but you’re probably not going to like it. By no means stop blogging, but do stop blogging about blogging and in particular, advertising on your blog. By this I mean any mentions of adsense, entrecards, adicons, digg, visitor stats, that sort of thing. Leave it all up if you want, but just don’t mention it until Easter Sunday. Although I thing you’re a good blogger, my enjoyment of your writing has been marred recently by your harping on about the above. I want witty anecdotes, discussions of current events that interest you, that sort of thing. Old-school blogging.

Obviously I don’t mean to offend with this, but you did ask for suggestions! If you take it up and manage it all the way through lent (and of course I’d be the judge of what was allowed), I’ll buy you an easter egg.”

Well, it did stick with me, and with a couple of jokey little “censorships” of certain words (such as e*******d, which incidentally I have really gone off by the way), I’ve tried not to blog about things like that. Specifically “more personal posts”. In other words, in my book blog, Lottie – you owe me an easter egg.

But, now what from this website? For some of you newer readers, I have been blogging for nearly 6 years now (my sixth anniversary will be in New York, yes I will let you know who gets that sacred day) on two different domains. To begin with up until the end of my time in Liverpool, I found it easy blogging about things that I was upto, because I was upto so much.

However, since the end of my time there, my social life has kind of dwindled a little bit. Not in a bad way, oh no, but the amount of noteworthy bloggable things that happen on a night out has decreased considerably.

So, as a way to keep blogging up, I decided to blog about something which fascinated me at the time and still does today – blogging, and the rise of it. Trust me, I read hundreds of blogs a week, and notice and pick up on things that are witty, amusing, inspiring, and depressing. Fact is, and this is (no pun intended) I believe most the bloggers out there don’t deserve to clean my keyboard, as their writing is appalling, bland and innoffensive (I believe Pureblogging said it best when they referred to a certain type of blogger as Lindsay Neagle, the corporate shill lady off the Simpsons) , they contribute about as much to the blogosphere as your average tumour does to a human being.

This blog did become a cleverly veiled vent of anger at these bloggers, but also offered them a rope if they chose to accept it – “your blog’s rubbish, this is how you do things better”, sure enough, a number of articles were picked up by bigger bloggers and I got a nice boost of traffic, few new readers, and even – shock horror – sponsorship. For the first time ever, my blog was beyond entertaining. It was useful.

I still kept up my personal posts, probably half and half, and – whilst I have changed to a more personal posts for the past 36 days and 36 nights – I have managed to retain the readers. I guess simply that unlike Lindsay Neagle bloggers, the real way to be a good blogger is to be personal.

The second thing we need to be is interactive, which is why I’m throwing the following question out to you, my readers.

What do you want to see on this blog?

Choices are:

1. Old School blogging, with stories about my life. I’ll try and make them entertaining, but I may have to blog less per week.
2. Blogging about blogging. May not be to everybody’s tastes, but it’s something I am interested in (largely that most people who are “experts” are rubbish), and I’ll at least try and make it entertaining.
3. A mixture of both (how many posts out of 5 per week would you like to see personal, and how many about useful stuff/observations)?

I’ll be honest, there is a probable answer, and one which’ll probably win (and one I want to win), but I’d love to hear your thoughts.

See you Tuesday.

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