Hi everybody! I’m still recovering from the weekend, so it’s a cheap way to fill content, it’s time for another semi-regular “Rubbish Commenter Update”. As many of you know, over lent I’ve been on a mission from Lottie to “Stop Blogging About Boring Stuff”. One such post was my emotional post “One“, whereby I shared to you my thoughts on being single for one year.

Now, I’m all for sharing cultures with people and bridging gaps. I can speak conversational french and know how to say “Please”, “Thank You”, and “Beer” in at least 6 others. However, I generally keep away from those blogs becuase I can’t speak the lingo, and I’d look like a spammer, and I’d miss certain intricacies that natuarl English speakers pick up on. One such person who missed it was Bhumika who, in his spamming of the blogosphere, had this to comment on my year of singledom.

“Congratulations for completing one year.”

The cheeky little shit!?!!? How the ruddy hell would I celebrate a year of not getting my end away?!?

That post did attract a lot of attention from spammers, surprisingly, geeks have touched a breast, and nations of this world were willing to try and promote their women, all be it for a spammy link back. LCD Frames chimes in:

“Unlucky man, had been to China that time? Why not find you self a chinese girl friend-who is creative, cute, hard workingolerant and open-minded.”

However, in all my years of propping up the bar with failed relationships, asking various people (usually Guy) for a shoulder to cry openly on, I have taken relationship advice from men, women and even a telephone help line. However, never have I taken relationship advice from a Number Plate.

“Pulling is always easier when you’re in a relationship. It’s a confidence thing. When you’re single you can tend to look deperate. I think people worry to much about finding somone. For f*cks sake – there are enough people in the world for each person to have thousands of possible matches. Don’t worry about it people.”

Appreciate that the gravity of the situation didn’t stop you from censoring your swear words.

So that’s todays. What’s been your recent spammy name comments?

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