March 18th, 2008
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Sport Relief Run of Three Miles


Some people like to handicap themselves for runs. Some run wearing gorilla suits. Some run backwards. Some run with a football.

Myself? I run with a banging hangover.


Yes, the English conspiracy of holding a 3 mile charity run mere hours after I arrive home from watching Wales win the Grand Slam was not lost on me. So, with my sore head in tow, I headed down to Eirias Park to run three miles.

At least that was the plan.

To begin with, we warmed up with “a fun dancy workout”. Anything that is called “fun and dancy” is most defintiely not fun. Woryingly we seemed to be warming up the upper body more than the lower.

Anyway, 11am hit and we set out for the run. People who took it rather too seriously set off first, and I headed off on my own pace.

Lap 3 however became a problem, as my ankle started hurting. Felt like I pulled it – the thoughts of the warm up were founded – so, whilst still standing (it takes a lot more to cause me to struggle), I reduced to a walk, which I wasn’t happy with.

Also, as a way of “entertaining encouragement”, a local cheerleader group was drafted in to cheer us on. It didn’t do any good, as it caused me further injury to my ears with their banshee screaming. And people wonder why The Spirit Squad were so effective as bad guys in the WWE?

12 laps and 35 minutes later, I finished the run. And got my goodybag with food and drinks. Hurrah!


Anyway, I raised a lot of money for charity. I raised £167! Thanks so much to FiddyP, Doctorvee, Max, John, family, friends, bloggers, Barclays Colwyn Bay and Muffins Colwyn Bay for sponsoring me!

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