March 28th, 2008
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Twitter Me This


bird.gifMy latest addiction is Twitter. I love it, as it gives me a chance to do those blogs that shouldn’t justify it’s own blog, be them controversial, unexpanable, or just plain rubbish. There’s something rather nice that I have (at last count) 43 people seemingly hanging on to my beck & call. Most of the time I post rubbish – but occassionally I post something genius (such as “Christ Richard Hammond is shorter than he looks on TV”, whilst at Top Gear). Often I post from my mobile (it’s free, just the cost of a text, which are usually free unless you’re on Pay as you Go like a commoner) whenever I get one of my many brainwaves.

So what is a tweet? Well, think of it via blogging via text message, tweets are limited to 140 characters. It’s more of a conversation and a stream of concious thoughts rather than a blog, and it’s rather addictive (I did switch off phone updates because it was getting too insane). It sounds really rubbish, but trust me, I’ve spent the last two evenings with one eye on Twitter, and it’s more addictive than crack flavoured pringles.

So, how do you utilize Twitter to maybe get a few more hits to your blog, and become a useful contributor? Well, here’s some tips.

Sneakily Twit with Twitterbar
Twitterbar adds a grey “+” to your Firefox address bar which allows you to twit by simply typing in anything to your address bar. It’s a great way to add links to share with your friends, but be sure to press the “+”, rather than press enter when you’re finished, otherwise your browser won’t like it.


Twitt from your Phone
As mentioned, you can twitt from your phone. This is one of the beauties of it. Just send a text message to a number (think there’s UK and US one) and it will featured on your twitter. Just please make sure you get the right number, as this unfortunate incident happened to me a while back.



Post Latest Blogs To Your Twitter Feed
You can post your latest blogs to your twitter feed using the twittertools plugin, but be careful – just twittering your blogs is akin to children telling their parents that they’ve done a poo (according to

What’s Lacking?
Would be nice only to get certain messages to your phone (specifically messages directed specifically to you). It’s either everything or none at all. I’d love to know

Your Homework For The Weekend
Join Twitter, and add me to your feed:

In Other News
Driving and football this weekend, it could be a little messy. What are you doing?

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