March 17th, 2008
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Wales Win The Grand Slam 2008!


Creative Commons License photo credit: ezioman

Oh, my goodness, Rugby is not good for the health.

Saturday I headed to Club 147 for a few drinks and to watch the climax of the Six Nations Tournament. More importantly: Wales vs. France. I went alone, but wasn’t really hugely bothered as I’m sure the emotion of the occasion would bring me closer to my fellow man.

Sure enough, it did. I got speaking to an Irish couple, who stayed after their defeat at the hands of England, we chatted about the rugby the games and who they were supporting (Wales, obviously). It struck me odd as the couple were drinking Wine, the most unirish drink.

The atmosphere in the pub was electric, especially when France made mistakes and Wales scored, it was just such a happy time in one of my favourite places in Llandudno. When we won 29-12. Everybody hugged, cheered and went crazy when the final whistle went. In fact, let me show you.

YouTube Preview Image

This video was when Stephen Jones converted Shane Williams’ try, sending us into the lead.

YouTube Preview Image

And the end of the match!

I was chuffed to bits, and continued drinking into the wee small hours, first in Llandudno, then with some of the boys and girls associated with the Football Club. I was thinking which grand slam win did I enjoy more, this one or the one three years ago. To be honest, it was this one. With the previous one I was in Hull when they won, and was told to shut up by my English supporting friends. This one I was in Wales, and everybody wanted Wales to win.

Another congratulations must go to Eva White who won my Six Nations competition. Here is the final table.

Position Name Results Correct Point Difference
1. Eva 11 271
2. Rhys 11 276
3. Matthew 10 232
4. Debbie 9 228

Congratulations Eva, I will contact you shortly with the prize.

Finally, I also had something cool happen to me when I walked into Spoons in Colwyn Bay. A chap called Johnny stopped me, and said “You have a blog don’t you?”. How cool is that! I’m fucking famous in my home town. Have you been recognised from your blog?

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