April 18th, 2008
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Boston Bound


A few weeks ago I was fretting over whether or not I should go take two days out of my trip to New York (still looking for guestposters! Register here if you want to do a guest post for me!), to head to Boston, home of Boston United, the only American side that play in the English Football System.

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Sorry, had to get that in. Anyway, turn out my far flung brother provided me with inspiration to travel once again, and let me know of a website where you could travel on buses between major cities for the fuel crisis defying price of $1.

I’m sorry brother, but this time, I beat you in the price stakes.

To deceipher that for you, it is 25p to go from New York to Boston and back again. Four hundred miles, eight hour round trip, for 25p! That means to go one way, ONE WAY, it is 12.5p. I’d love to know how far 12.5p’s worth of fuel would get you, as I’m sure it isn’t that far!

So you may think I am happy, well I am, but there are two things that have put a dampner on it.

First my overactive credit card company. For anybody who knows anything about fraud, people who have your credit card details usually send a small payment to it to make sure it’s still working before fleecing you. My credit card company noticed the 25p that left my account, and immediately began to question it. They rang me to confirm it, which I did. Sure, I’m happy my credit card company is that vigilant, but seriously it was the wrong time to ring!

The second thing is now I’m beginning to view monetary expenses in “how many times I can go to Boston & back”, and nothing holds up! My bus fare from my workplace back home is equal to going from Boston to New York nearly four and a half times! My bus fare on an average night out could afford 18 likewise trips! Even Home Bargains, the bastion of cheap tat, doesn’t fare up well:-

Look how expensive Home Bargains is! Even my Walkers Sunbites Original (which are gorgeous by the way) would get me 4/5ths of the way between New York and Boston! Or, to the Massachusetts/Conneticut border for those geographers out there.

Still, I’m excited! I can’t wait!

What’s been unexpectedly cheap for you recently?

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