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One thing this weekend could be related to would be food. Seriously. I have stuffed my face all weekend. My food diary for the weekend would rival War & Peace for size. Since Friday I have consumed:

  • Spaghetti Bolognese
  • 3 bowls of Cereal
  • Footlong Italian BMT Subway on Italian Herb & Cheese Bread, with a cookie and 2 cokes (it was a refill, it’d be rude not to).
  • A HUGE Chicken Rogan Josh on Fried Rice, with a peshwari naan, 2 poppadoms, 3 chicken tikka bites and 2 onion bhajis.
  • A Carvery meal of roast ham, beef and chicken with “seasonal vegetables” (why are they called seasonal vegetables? They’re the same all ruddy year round!).

Add on to that the beer drank during Friday evening, Saturday during the Liverpool/Arsenal match and the Grand National, then if I haven’t put on 4 and a half stone this weekend, then I’m going to sell my genes to hollywood actresses.

So, what of the Grand National? Well I told everybody on Friday that I’d be revealing my punts for the National on Saturday Morning on Twitter. Sure enough I did, and one of them – Comply or Die – romped home to victory.

Furthermore, if you had followed all my picks, you’d have also picked up money on Slim Pickings, who finished a strong fourth. If you had listened to me, you would’ve ended up a massive 50p in the black!

As to what I’m going to spend my winnings on? I don’t know, something fun. Anybody take my advice? Or did anybody else win any cash on the National?

Finally, one of my favourite nightspots (and favourite in Llandudno) Club 147 is having a “Coyote Ugly Night” in a few weeks. Anybody have any ideas as to what that’d entail and – more importantly – should I attend?

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